Purchasing a new property can be time-consuming and stressful. Finally, it is done and you don’t want to spend another three months picking the paint color, furniture, and fabrics. Our InstaHome service is everything you need to prepare your new home for you to move into and start living in right away. We will make necessary repairs or improvements, and most importantly, furnish and decorate the property to be an elegant home so that you can move in right away.

Our procedure:

  • Our designer meets with you to understand your design preference and walk through your space.
  • We carefully design your space with full communication with you.
  • We source your interiors from our vast inventory of home furnishings (17,000 sq.ft showroom and 20,000 sq.ft warehouse) and purchase other goods that you need including dishes, linens, etc. All furnishings and goods belong to you!
  • We install all rooms in your home, including placing and arranging your furniture and accessories, hanging artwork, etc.
  • Your beautiful and elegant new home is ready for you to move in and enjoy!